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updated: 3/30/14

Mentoring & Contact Spheres


BNI By The Bay has worked hard over the last few years to design and develop a program of member-to-member mentoring.  New members take part in a 5-week program similar to a new employeee orientation.  Then, the Mentoring Team has weekly impromptu sessions after each chapter meeting, as well as a monthly get-together. 

The main purpose of Mentoring is to give experienced guidance where it's needed for any member, old or new, who wishes to truly thrive within BNI. 

Join our Mentoring Team on a monthly basis to benefit from our featured topic of the month.
Led by our Mentoring Coordinators:
Bob Chilvers and Jay Zemansky

Contact Spheres

Contact Spheres are smaller groups of members in like industry; those who would more naturally refer to each other.  Contact Spheres and Power Partners periodically meet on their own to strategize how best to refer business to each other, as well as support each other growing their own businesses.

Contact Spheres take turns on a monthly basis to support the Early Morning Visitor Hosts in greeting guests and making sure they are introduced to key members before the meeting begins. They also present a special 7-minute group presentation during the last meeting of the month.

Marin Chamber of Commerce Meetings:

Business Services

This contact sphere helps businesses develop, grow and prosper.

Lead by Mark Buchl, we meet at 6:00 PM, the 4th Monday of the month, 870 College Ave in Kentfield at Sadler & Company. 

contact sphere month: March 2014

Bookkeeping Service ~ Edna Simonson
Commercial Insurance Broker ~ Jay Zemansky
Computer Consultant (PC) ~ Doug Lawrence
Commercial Real Estate Sales & Leasing ~ Mark Cooper
Business Attorney ~ Robert Chilvers
Merchant Services & POS Systems ~ Kerry Diebold
Tax Preparation ~ Georgia Rogers
Promotions ~ Cathy Tucker
Furniture ~ Philip Zittell
Comcast ~ Mark Buchl
Feng Shui ~ Kathleen Zemansky
Auto Repair/Collision ~ Jordy Andros
Tire Sales ~ Fred Arnold
Payroll ~ Tina Arobio
Catering ~ Cheryl Jones
Photographer ~ Mary Small
Estate and Business Organizer ~ Jim Trout

Design, Build and Repair

This sphere is helps clients design, build, improve and maintain the home or office of their dreams.

Led by Darren Little, Meets 6:30 PM, last Tuesday of the month, WestAmerica Bank, (corner of sunnyside  & E. Blithdale) Mill  Valley.

contact sphere month: February 2014

Commercial Real Estate Sales & Leasing ~ Mark Cooper
General Contractor ~ Tim Walsh
Furniture ~ Philip Zittell
Locksmith ~ Greg Vincent
Realtor ~ John Skinner
Auto Repair ~ Jordy Andros
Tire Sales ~ Fred Arnold
Flooring ~ Bill Powell
Handyman ~ Michael Hall
Roofing ~ Darren Little
Cleaning Services ~ Rodney Hurtig
Interior Architecture Design ~ Rachel Ginis

Financial Services

This sphere helps clients with personal property and finances.

Led by Suzanne Diliberto, we meet 8:30 AM, the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

contact sphere month: May 2014

Bookkeeping Service ~ Edna Simonson
Tax Preparation ~ Georgia Rogers
Realtor ~ John Skinner
Real Estate Law ~ Steve Gainer
Banking ~ Catherine Johnson
Reverse Mortgage Consultant ~ Marge Bottari
Mortgage Broker ~ Suzanne Diliberto
Private Lending ~ Rick Reith
Financial Planning ~ Craig Slayen

Health Services
The Health Services contact sphere helps clients maintain a healthy body and mind.

Lead by Eve Bernstein, our monthly meetings are held right after BNI on the 3rd Thursday of each month @ 8:45am.

contact sphere month: April 2014

Acupuncturist ~
Karen Renolds, R.N., Lac
Chiropractor ~ Eve Bernstein, DC CAS
Energy Medicine ~ Tiffany Schneider, PhD
Nutrition Consultant ~ Willie Victor, R.C.P,N.C.
Therapeutic Bodywork & Trigger Point Therapist ~ Michael Westgate, CMT
Dentist ~ Julie Young, DDS
Personal Trainer ~ Elisa Menzel
Clinical Psychologist ~ Melanie Greenberg, PhD
Personal Chef ~ Tom Herndon
Educational Tutor & Academic Coach ~ Sylvia Verange
Veterinarian ~ Genevieve Manchester

Not Currently in a Contact Sphere?
Members should speak to membership, mentoring, or contact sphere leaders to determine the best fit with their business. Get the most out of BNI by the BAY, join a contact sphere!

For those Contact Spheres whose turn it is to shadow the Visitor Hosts, please arrive before 6:45 am to help greet guests during your assigned month.

March 2014: Business
April 2014: Health
May 2014: Financial
June 2014: Design, Build and Repair
July 2014: Business
August 2014: Health
September 2014: Financial
October 2014: Design, Build and Repair
November 2014: Business
December 2014: Health

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